Here you can get your favorite sandwiches, soup and coffee drinks in a relaxing environment while enjoying FREE Wi-Fi access. Acoustic Cafe roasts coffee on location and scratch bakes its own bread recipe daily. What makes the sandwich is our special sauce which, besides a select blend of spices, includes 100% pure healthy olive oil. "Let no one hunger for lack of a better sandwich." 


Acoustic also supports local artists by showcasing special artist displays throughout the cafe, and offering various live entertainment every weekend.


Live Music – No Cover Charge

Live Music Every Weekend! Enjoy your coffee with your favorite local musicians. See who is playing next.


Acoustic Café Roasting

Roasting is an art form – each type of coffee bean reaches its optimum flavor at its own particular stage of the roasting process. At the Acoustic, we use four general roast categories to discover the perfect roasting time and temperature for each specific bean: light, medium, full, and dark. Beans are roasted at temperatures between 425 and 475 degrees to develop the flavor in the hard, raw green bean. We do this with exacting care, because this is the Art of the Roasting Master. For coffee enthusiasts read our Tastes & History of Coffee section.


Did you know? Specialty Coffee can be ordered directly through us!


Gift Certificates

Makes the perfect gift any time of year!